10/3/09 2:59 PM


At Market, we got hit with the very edge of a storm that the weathermen predicted would have us under water with hail and thunder and lightning all day long.

After it blew cold air on us and sprinkled for about three minutes, it blew off to the south west. In its wake, just over Skinners’ Butte, we watched a huge flock – 130 or so – of what looked like vultures. They circled and wheeled for a while, then spread out and moved a ways, then circled again, then spread out and moved, passing right overhead on their way to wherever they were going.

Old Man Dancing said they were searching for a good thermal to get the hell out before the real storm hit. The rest of the afternoon was sunny and wonderful, but the sprinkles started around Creswell, and this morning it’s definitely raining. I love when the weathermen are wrong, they almost always are.


Any thoughts to share?

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