10/12/09 4:20 PM

Fall Feast

Usually, I’m ambivalent about eating. Love to cook, don’t care so much about consuming the food myself.

My 60 mile drive to Albany today proves a notable exception: this is a Burgerville pumpkin shake with sweet potato fries. I drove 120 miles for a complete foodie indulgence. All the way to the closest Burgerville just because I knew they had pumpkin shakes. I did drive around a bit, just to sight see through the cute old downtown, but that was a side trip. Destination, pumpkin shake.

I can’t tell you how completely worth it it was! Just like drinking a pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Oh. My. God. Heavenly.


3 thoughts on “10/12/09 4:20 PM

  1. I’m jealous you could drive just 60 miles to get this! I have been craving the shake for weeks but I’m a 2 hour flight away from Burgerville or a 16 hour drive…

  2. I live in Vancouver, so Burgerville’s are all over the place in my neck of the woods, but let me tell you, I had my first pumpkin shake last week in over a year and it was just as good as I remembered. I actually called them the week before they came out and asked when it would be happening and they told me NOVEMBER! I about died, then much to my surprise a few days later I was able to indulge.

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