11/4/09 12:59 PM

Dizzy Shadows

Confusion. That’s what this photo’s about. It uploaded sideways from my camera and at first I straightened it out, but it told a completely different story. Sideways is more apropos.

This is the side of the Center Court building, which may or may not be refurbished. Part of the confusion of downtown Eugene.

This morning the confusion heightened even more. Beyond the new parking meters that are too tall for average humans to see into and use, and the five year old cottonwoods that disappeared suddenly from the Aster Hole. The RG had an article about an anonymous Gang of Nine style group hammering away at the Mayor, suggesting the only answer is to arrest everybody that sets foot in downtown. The Weekly’s cover story was a typical Alan Pittman “I know how to fix it, and I’ll tell you how to do it, but I won’t do anything but write a fluff piece about it” article about how if we only all grabbed our trowels and seed packets we could transform the place into Eden. As we were discussing these polar opposites in the office, we were stunned to witness a pair of young guys shooting each other up on the sidewalk across the street. Quite a vertiginous morning in downtown Eugene.


Any thoughts to share?

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