1/7/09 10:54 AM

Love From Minnesota

We were headed to Ikea to cheaply outfit the apartment with furniture. Mall of America was across the road, so we started there out of curiosity.

There certainly is plenty to keep one occupied for the winter, including a full on theme park and every retail store known to humankind, if you like shopping anyway. Otherwise it’s kind of frightening. I’d read that this is where folks spend their time in the winter, but the place was deserted. In fact, we hardly saw anybody anywhere for the whole week I was there. You’d think folks would just be hardy and layered up and going about their daily routine, but it seems more like everybody was huddled up at home, or maybe in Arizona for the winter.

If I was a neon moose, I’d probably be thinking something less benign if I had that spooky Sponge Bob leering at me all day…


Any thoughts to share?

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