1/9/10 1:09 PM

Abstract Reflection

Max and I ventured forth into downtown Minneapolis, to find out what the heck skyways are all about, and get a feel for the place in general.

What we found were tall buildings, a typical mix of sweet old ones (not so tall) and brand spankin’ new glass clad towers. On such a bright sunny day it was a glittery wonderland. We did sort of have the place to ourselves. Despite the cozy comfort of the skyways, which makes the entire downtown seem like yet another vast mall, folks were not exactly out and about. Another day in the abandoned city.

This is the Foshay building, reflected in one of those big glass towers. It was the tallest building in Minneapolis until 1972. We spent the rest of the trip replacing “for sure” with “fo’ shay,” and wondered if anyone else would get the joke. Not that there was anybody to try it out on…


Any thoughts to share?

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