3/1/10 10:42 PM

The Living Room at The Victoria Arms

One of my greatest treasures is the dollhouse I got for Christmas when I was nine years old. It’s four stories tall, including the attic room, with two living rooms on the ground floor, and eight bedrooms. It’s made from shoe boxes in a wooden frame, but you’d never know that to look at it. Each room is carefully wallpapered and decorated to match the outfit of my sweet Liddle Kiddle dolls, furnished with handmade furniture, including beds with bedspreads.

This is the Red Livingroom, and that’s Florence Niddle who serves as house mother to the smaller dolls. Originally she was a nurse, as you might guess from her moniker, but now she’s the defacto mom. I love the little belgian tapestry carpet and the red rooster sitting on the mantel.

This marvel was made for me by my parents, over the course of a couple of months I imagine, and I still love it. Perhaps its best feature, the sign that hangs on the third floor. One one side it says “Victoria Arms Residence for Young Ladies” with a drawing of a proper lady. On the other side the address “1967 Johanna Ave.” Victoria was my favorite name, the one I’d have chosen for myself at the time, and Johanna is my great grandmother’s middle name – I got the Jo part for my middle name. 1967, the year it was created.


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