6/5/10 4:39 PM Musician Face

Olem Alves and Jarrod Kaplan

So Jarrod Kaplan walks up to the stage and says “I’ve never played this drum kit at a gig before” and also lets on that he’s just agreed to the gig two hours earlier and he’s never actually played with anybody in this band before. My normal reaction would be to turn pale, smile wanly, groan inwardly and make myself scarce for the next two hours. My reaction in this case was “Awsome!” with double plus thumbs up on the side.

I proceeded to skip my usual afternoon rounds and watch the band, Olem Alves & Inner Limits, because they were so damn good. Unrehearsed. Unbelievable.

They all made pretty great Musician Face, and made it look like they were working/playing really hard (they were indeed), but it sounded effortless. What a sweet afternoon.


Any thoughts to share?

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