7/10/10 10:45 AM – 7:53 PM Oregon Country Fair

A Brigadoon of a hippie Disneyland it is, there one weekend, gone the next, filled with free spirited folks in crazy costumes, filled to the brim with The Happiest Place On Earth vibe. At least that’s how it is on a Friday morning when you can get in before the masses and exchange plenty of hugs and howdeedoos before the dust and sweat and crowds take over. Even the dust, heat and crowds didn’t harsh my mellow this year, it was just a beautiful fun day.

There’s no way to convey the real atmosphere – sounds and smells and sensations are as essential as the sights.

Here are some of my favorite visual memories. You can see all my Fair pics in my OCF photo set on Flickr.
Pink Flamingos
Flags at Elder SpaceFair goers
Fiddling Fairy
Brian Cutean at Shady GroveCindia in a Bo Peep Top Hat
Truckstop Honeymoon
Butterfly Face
Skull and Twigs
Jeff Hobbs with Sweet JuiceChip Cohen
Lightning Bolt


Any thoughts to share?

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