7/12/10 8:28 PM Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace

I was curious. Who exactly was Queen Anne? Why are wild carrots named after her lace?

Turns out she was a Danish princess who became the Queen consort of Scotland, England and Ireland by being married to James VI of Scotland who was also James I of England and Ireland. That was back in 1574-1619. She was quite a patron of  the arts in the Jacobean era, they say. The flower of the plant resembles lace; the red flower in the center represents a blood droplet where Queen Anne pricked herself with a needle when she was making the lace. Or so says Wikipedia.

The plant itself, Daucus Carota, is a beneficial weed that can help out the production of tomato plants when nearby and create a microclimate of cooler, moister air for lettuces when planted along side. So they say. Mostly they have been a delicate, beautiful companion through all my summers in all the fields and yards around my houses. Also, a peskier companion in the fall when the seed burs get stuck in my socks…


Any thoughts to share?

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