7/18/10 8:32 PM Fifteen

Warren's Birthday Cake

Since he was about to go on home to Cali-land, we celebrated Warren’s fifteenth birthday a few days early. That look on his face – did I have that look on my fifteenth birthday?

Warren facing fifteen: self confident, smart, funny, kind, athletic, possessed of an astonishing range of social skills, and completely technologically savvy. Me facing fifteen: painfully shy, self conscious, long haired, extravagantly dressed, brainiac nerd, tiny weakling, possessed of a goodly range of academic skills, completely lacking in social skills, might have had 4.7 friends on a good day.

The year was 1973, look at Wikipedia and you’ll see the world was in a similar tumult – political upheavals, energy crises, wars, big advances in technology and human rights, good music and bad music… Whatever kept me going? It freaks me out just to consider who I was and wasn’t at the time. Probably the fact that I had that look too right before blowing out the candles. Like something amazing is just about to happen any time now, like life is going to be an excellent adventure, like the best birthday present you can get is another year.

Any thoughts to share?

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