7/19/10 7:41 PM Celebrity Snowglobe


I acquired this cryptic snow globe at Archie McPhee’s in Seattle for $4.95 (pricetag still attached). Most likely in 2002 or so. Even without its celebrity connection, it was irresistibly odd. “Welcome to the new millennium” “Take the next step” plus round stairs to nowhere perched atop a plastic calendar. Well worth the splurge.

It’s signed on the back by Corbin Bernsen and numbered 123/2000. A moment of googling revealed that Corbin Bernsen, the actor recognizable to me as Arnie Becker on L.A. Law, has collected over 7,000 snow globes, most of which are in storage. I’d guess he was also one of those who did not fear “Y2K”, but embraced its potential with excitement. Fervor even. Enough to design and produce this mystic commemorative snow globe.

I’ve got maybe 50 or so snow globes, none of which are in storage. They are on shelves and in nooks and crannies in my office and house, fluids slowly evaporating, there for the shaking.


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