7/21/10 1:45 PM What If

Centre Court

Here she sits, all naked and full of potential.

Suddenly, she reminded me of the Loggia in Florence, Italy with those graceful tall arches. Which gave me this vision of What If.

What If the bottom floor was left open and turned into one of those amazing European style farmers’ markets with the little kiosks, all tiled and bright and bustling. Or a plaza littered with inspiring statuary, ones that aren’t of people sitting down, with places for people to sit down. Or an open air food court ringed by boutique restaurants. Or anything except glassed in everyday retail/office space? I know, I know. Infestations of street people. Lack of rental income for the developer. Bla bla bla. That’s the why I’m not a good visionary¬† – I can see the dark side too easily. But the bright side looks pretty brilliant to me!


Any thoughts to share?

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