7/25/10 11:48 AM What The Bishop Wears

The Bishop's Chasuble

A chasuble is the robe a priest wears over his other robes while officiating at communion. Like most church robes it’s based on ancient Roman garments, in this case the equivalent of an overcoat. It was called a “casula” which means little house, and looked somewhat like a conical poncho.

I’ve made several chasubles, of varying complexities in design, but none as extravagant as the chasuble worn by the new Bishop of Western Oregon (Episcopal), Michael Hanley. It looked a bit like Celtic armor of some kind, though it was an intricate tree of life front and back. It was delicious in every detail.

I was mesmerized all morning long. This is just a little detail of it draped over the lectern, so no justice to the design here, but the colors, oh the colors…


Any thoughts to share?

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