7/26/10 7:07 PM In Which I Find Myself At The Cool Kids’ Table

Peter Scott and Matthew Hall

Back a week ago I was remembering what an outcast I was at fifteen. I never, ever sat with the Cool Kids back in High School, even though we’d all known each other since first grade.

Look at me now! I’m sitting with the Cool Kids at Aprovecho Stove Camp! I can hardly believe it! Am I over reacting? No, well, maybe a little bit. But jeez, me just sitting here all cool, I’m feeling it. Am I acting cool? You betcha! That’s Peter Scott, “rock star” of the stove movement according to the New Yorker, there on the left, and Matthew Hall, Apro’s forester and a fine singer/guitarist on the right. Just out of the frame, Miguel Hatfield, old time Aprovechan on the left and Greg Hodapp, the man who knows every traditional folk song ever written and who can play any instrument, to the right.

And we’re just hanging out and eating and chatting and having a lovely time. And most of us have known each other for many years. Here’s the important question – does it mean you’re a Cool Kid too when you get invited to sit at their table? That, I’m not so sure about… but it was fun!


Any thoughts to share?

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