8/27/10 5:05 PM Further


You couldn’t live in Eugene in the 80s and not have some kind of Ken Kesey run in to tell the tale of.

Sun Ra played at the Bijou one fine night. Ken Kesey showed up, like the King of the World, and insisted on taking over the balcony with his buddies and smoking dope all night long and being generally irascible. My managerial insistence that he was not allowed to sit in the balcony or smoke dope didn’t make a bit of difference to him. There was plenty of other insanity going on for me to deal with, so of course he proceeded unhindered.

On the flip side, one rainy evening during a Eugene Celebration in the late 80s, we were on Willamette Street (still the mall at the time), and Victor, then about 3 or 4, was dancing around to whatever music was playing, splashing in puddles on the sidewalk. We fell into a brief conversation with a guy who was sitting there about how much he was enjoying watching Victor’s joyful splash dance. That was Ken Kesey too.


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