9/22/10 10:40 PM Fool Moon Equinox Anniversary

Apocalyptic Sky Such As William Blake Might Have Depicted

One year ago, on the Autumnal Equinox, I started this blog/project. One photo (or more) a day for a whole year, adjusted just as much as needed with Lightroom. No photoshopping. Plus, for no particularly good reason, three lines or paragraphs of text. I just like rules. The structure helps me get things accomplished by giving me directions.

This dramatic, apocalyptic, William Blake-ish moon feels just right for the start of another chapter. This one has no rules yet. I might not take a photo every single day. I might not add three lines of text every time. I might mix new photos with old ones, or I might photoshop something into submission. (How did photoshop get to be a verb, anyway?) I might run strings of photos that relate in some way. I can say there will be more oddball Iron Photographer photos.

It’s been good practice to seek something worth noting every day, to reflect on it and put it up here in the semi-public of an obscure corner of the internet. As owner of what seems to be a nearly 100% visually oriented brain, it’s fascinating to look back and see what those photos trigger, viscerally. There’s a surprising amount of emotion attached to them.

OK, enough musing, here I go, into another year…


Any thoughts to share?

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