9/24/10 8:36 PM Papageno’s Box of Birds

Papageno's Box of Birds

My parents have given me a music box every Christmas for I have no idea how long. On the really lucky occasions, it’s a homemade original. This one is incredibly wonderful. It has birds in trees painted all around the outside, and the tune it plays is Papageno’s Theme from the Magic Flute. Papageno himself is standing on the ground looking up at the birds on one side. It has a mesh top that goes on it so they can breathe. It’s one of my all time favorites.

And why depict it in this way? Iron Photographer of course. This time it called for A Self Portrait, A Box and OMG Blur (that’s a special Utata technical term).

Guess I should have called it “OMG Birds.”


Any thoughts to share?

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