10/11/10 5:31 PM Pitchfork With Mexican Skulls

Pitchfork with Mexican Skulls

The latest Utata Iron Photographer challenge was to bring something in that should be outside, combine it with something orange, and shoot it through cling wrap.

This was extra exciting, because I just acquired a light box and a couple of decent flood lights, so I could play more easily with artificial lighting than I have in the past. It’s also making my work photography a lot easier. It’s time for the Holiday Market poster, and I have a gorgeous, shiny ceramic vase to capture. It was nice to take a break from shooting a zillion frames of subtle lighting shifts and exposure brackets and just get weird.

Here are a couple of other variations on the theme:

Pitchfork with Mexican Skulls

Pitchfork with Mexican Skulls


Any thoughts to share?

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