My Week, In A Picture

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Leaf, Feather, Pecan, Sea Shell, Joan of Arc, Frida Kahlo

Really, I took this photo for an Iron Photographer challenge. Elements were something from “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, plus something you wear over your eyes, in cinematic aspect ratio. I overachieved as usual, and got rock, paper and scissors. Plus feather, seashell, needle, squished penny, a pecan, Baby Jesus twice, Frida Kahlo, Joan of Arc, sweetgrass, a tiny clock, a felted heart, some Mediterranean beach rocks and an ivory arrow.

It’s the fortune that made me think about how much this photo represents the week before Holiday Market every year. It’s not an unchallenging occupation for anyone involved, and no talent goes unused. Except perhaps the long lost talent of a swift recovery from all the squatting, bending, ladder climbing, and general schlepping involved in getting the place set up. The only thing wasted at the end is me and my achy body.

There’s also a lot of seemingly disparate elements to make sense of. Plus some sewing, some visionary artistry, some invoking of that baby’s name both in frustration and thanks, some serious time, a major dose of faith and a whole lotta love. And then it’s Saturday morning at 10 and no matter what’s done and not done, the doors open and it’s Show Time. We’ve wound up the magic toy and let it loose, and it has an energy all its own. And then it’s Sunday at 6 and it’s over, no matter what happened. Somewhere in my drained brain I know I’ve done a good thing.

Today I spent the day recovering. Tomorrow I’ll have at it again, avoiding unchallenging occupations.


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