A surreptitious portrait while watching tv. iPad as spy cam. Heh heh heh, sorry dude.


New Year’s Rune

I took a walk in the park across the road on New Year’s Day. I made a little good luck charm for the new year with what I found along the way. May we all find fortune in 2012!

Goodbye, 2011


The perfect surreal end to a typically surreal year. Dick Clark, Ryan Seacrest, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Carlos Santana, Mayor Bloomberg and a couple million out of towers 3 hours in the past on the teevee, while I am cozy with a cup of tea on the sofa. So long, 2011, it was good to know you.

Birthday Girls


A shared birthday party is the only way to go. This time, it allowed Micki and I to truly stretch it out to birthday month. Then Delaney wanted in on the action, her birthday is in a few days. So I spent a happy day baking a lemon meringue pie and a gluten free caramelized pear gingerbread upside-down cake, completely messing up the kitchen, then putting it all back together again. It looked like Team Cake was going to take the prize, but Team Pie came on strong in the second half of the dessert distribution, so I think it was really a draw. I’m happy to say all diners were perfectly happy with the offerings and many second helpings were passed around. A happy super late, extra early birthday extravaganza was had by all.

Rays of Winter


This iPad has a super wide angle lens. It makes the parallel wrinkles in the corrugated plastic of the greenhouse wall look like rays. So far, so fun.

And some day I’ll get this iPad app figured out so I don’t keep posting the entries before they are really finished…

This Evening on Trendythird


At the end of a somewhat spontaneous trip to Portland on a blustery day, I was in desperate need of a hot almond milk tea with tapioca bubbles. It was a pleasant 55 degrees out, with a light rain and a nice breeze. The bubble tea hit the spot exactly.

On the Third Day of Christmas…


I finally got ornaments on the tree. This is why there are twelve days of Christmas. Day 1, play with toys, visit with family. Day 2, recover from Day 1 and the proceeding 6 weeks. Day 3, decorate tree that has been a well lit blank canvas for several days. Days 4-12, enjoy tree, family, presents, time off.

Black Walnut

Black Walnut

What an extraordinary pleasure to have this beautiful being outside my house. This morning it was full of crows, starlings and mist.

It’s Time

Late Summer Talisman

I dreamt about taking photos all night long. It’s time to start being more diligent again.

I’ll start with this late summer talisman from today’s walk in the park.

I Love Shooting Fireworks

Fireworks at Tiara St.

Yes, both shooting as in lighting them and shooting as in snapping at them. I love the nice surprises that challenging lighting and focus bring.

Fireworks at Tiara St.

The local kids who used to be little, but are now teens and able to invest in really amazing displays.

Fireworks at Tiara St.

The shots that look like outer space.

Fireworks at Tiara St.

The remote control truck the kids rigged up to drive around spewing sparks.

Fireworks at Tiara St.

The colorful boxes and wacky names, and the way they look lit by fireworks light.

Fireworks at Tiara St.

At little depth of field even.

Fireworks at Tiara St.

And just general gorgeousness. Always a treat to upload the photos and see what I caught.